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King's Dream Pillow 2

King's Dream Pillow 2

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OSAMASERIES 王様シリーズ King's Dream Pillow 2

【Product Features】
- "King's Dream Pillow II" is larger than the original "King's Dream Pillow," offering more comfort for turning over. These two pillows differ structurally; the original has no partitions, allowing micro-particles to move freely, while the new version has partitions at the neck and head, providing firmer support.
- The new pillow's cover is less stretchy, giving a firmer feel. If you've used the "soft" or "cool" version of the original pillow, the new one might feel higher or harder. In such cases, the "King's Dream Pillow II Low" is recommended.

Comfort of Micro-Particles:
- Made from ultra-fine micro-particles, the pillow feels very soft. The mix of fine foam micro-particles and cotton offers a soft, fluid experience without putting pressure on the neck. However, some may find the fluidity less stable.

Choosing Between High and Low:
- The "Low" version is slightly shorter than the "Standard" version, allowing micro-particles to move more freely. The "Standard" version, with its partitions, is better for those who prefer a firmer feel.

Heat Retention:
- Micro-particles may retain heat. If used without a cover, the pillow might feel warm, but the included cover, made from moisture-wicking and quick-drying material, helps reduce heat buildup.

Height Adjustment:
- Neither "Standard" nor "Low" versions have adjustable heights. If the pillow feels too low, placing a towel underneath can help.

Pillowcase Included?
- Yes, one pillowcase is included. The "King's Dream Pillow II" comes with a Tencel™ pillowcase. The pillowcase, made from soft natural fibers, is prone to pilling and fiber shedding due to wear. If pilling occurs, trim it with scissors and handle it gently when washing. The pillowcase should be removed, zipped up, washed in a laundry bag with neutral detergent, and air-dried away from direct heat sources.

【Product Specifications】
- Core Material: 100% Polyester Fiber (95% ultra-fine micro-particles, 5% polyester cotton)
- Side Fabric: 85% Polyester Fiber, 15% Polyurethane (Side: 100% Polyester)
- Pillowcase Material: 60% Polyester Fiber, 40% Regenerated Fiber (Tencel™), (Edge: 100% Polyester)
- Dimensions and Weight:
- [Standard] Approx. W62 × D40 (Central Part 34) × H8cm (Neck) / H12cm (Side), Approx. 800g (Body Only)
- [Low] Approx. W62 × D40 (Central Part 34) × H7cm (Neck) / H10cm (Side), Approx. 730g (Body Only)
- Care: Hand-wash pillow body and air-dry. Wash pillowcase in a laundry bag, at room temperature, air-dry, no bleach. Do not use a dryer or hairdryer.

Regarding the odor of micro-particle material, the pillow may have a smell upon arrival due to the nature of the raw materials. If the smell persists, air it out for 2-3 days in a ventilated area.

Unsewn Parts on the Pillow:
- These are designed for inserting micro-particles and not a defect. Two unsewn inlets are part of the design of "King's Dream Pillow II." If these parts protrude, push them back gently. ※It's not possible to remove or add core materials. ※A small amount of micro-particles near the inlets is normal and does not indicate a leak.

At the King’s Shop, they take pride in offering an exclusive range of products from the esteemed OSAMASERIES, including the renowned King’s Dream Pillow. Every item is meticulously handcrafted to perfection in our factory located in Hachimantai, Akita Prefecture, only after receiving your valued order. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds the expectations of their discerning clientele. They are constantly updating our inventory with innovative items designed to enrich your daily life, making every day a luxurious experience.

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