Collection: Ohta Isan 太田胃散

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Since our founding in 1879, we have been researching and developing OTC drugs and health foods, mainly gastrointestinal drugs, to help our customers manage their own health, in accordance with the corporate philosophy of our founder, Nobuyoshi Ota, to provide the world with good products with a spirit of service. We are grateful to all of our customers and other stakeholders for their continued support and encouragement, which has enabled us to steadily build on our history.
Our main product, "Ota Gastroprokinetic" was first marketed in 1879 after receiving a British prescription from the famous Dutch physician, Dr. Bodwin, and undergoing research and improvement. Since then, we have continued to improve the efficacy and feel of the drug in line with the changing times, and have received the support of many customers over the years.