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MUJI 無印良品

Electric Kettle, Temperature Control 0.8L MJ-KEC08

Electric Kettle, Temperature Control 0.8L MJ-KEC08

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MUJI 無印良品 Electric Kettle, Temperature Control 0.8L MJ-KEC08

Product Features
- Inner water level markings allow for precise water measurement at desired temperatures, with a spill-proof feature
- Temperature adjustable in 5℃ increments, suitable for various drinks and dishes
- Recommended 100℃ for tea (for easier extraction of components)
- Recommended 90~95℃ for coffee (to balance acidity, bitterness, and astringency)
- Recommended 70~80℃ for Sencha and 50℃~60℃ for Gyokuro green tea (for easier extraction of umami)
- Easy-to-read scale on both outside and inside, convenient for adding water or checking the amount
- Spill-proof function with a lock for pouring, reducing spillage risk
- Simplified dial without unnecessary text for clarity
- Cleaning advice: Wipe with a damp soft cloth; use water or lukewarm water to clean with a soft sponge, rinse; for stubborn stains or odors, use citric acid cleaning

Product Specifications
- Size: Width 201×Depth 219×Height 189mm (including power base)/167mm (excluding power base)
- Weight: 1,017g (including power base)/660g (excluding power base)
- Cord length: 0.73m
- Rated voltage: 100V 50/60Hz


Muji is a Japanese brand registered and operated by Ryojinsha Corporation, and its name means "good products without names". It offers a wide range of products, mainly daily necessities, such as clothing, stationery, food, kitchenware, and so on. The products emphasize simplicity, cleanliness, eco-friendliness, and a human-centered approach to product quality, and they are also available in a wide range of markets, such as housing construction, florists, coffee shops, restaurants, and even hotels.

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