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Electric Spice Grinder ZKM-H110

Electric Spice Grinder ZKM-H110

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±0 Electric Spice Grinder ZKM-H110

【Product Features】
• Smart and Superior Design: The ±0 Electric Mill Set offers effortless grinding of salt and pepper with just a push of a button. Perfect for your kitchen, this salt and pepper mill duo is a convenient and stylish addition.
• Durable Ceramic Blades: Resistant to rust and suitable for grinding a variety of spices, including rock salt.
• Stylish and Functional: Comes with a dedicated stand for display storage and a unique hanging ring for an alternative storage option. Its slim and stylish design makes it an ideal table-top condiment dispenser and a great gift for housewarmings.
• Easy Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free cleaning. Parts are detachable for thorough cleaning, ensuring long-lasting use.

【Cleaning Instructions】
• Remove batteries and contents before cleaning.
• Detachable parts for cleaning include: Grinder cabin and the bottom part of the body (removable by rotation) and the ceramic cutter part (consisting of the adjustment knob, blade holder, ceramic blade, spring, and washer), recommended to be cleaned with a brush.
• Only the ceramic blade is washable. Other parts should not be washed with water.
• Note: This product is not waterproof, avoid exposure to water.

【Product Specifications】
• Dimensions: Approx. Width 50mm x Depth 37mm x Height 195mm
• Total Height with Hanging Ring: Approx. 212mm
• Inner dimensions of the Ring (at its largest): Approx. Width 40mm x Height 15mm
• Weight per unit: Approx. 185g (empty cabin, batteries not included)
• Materials: Stainless steel, ABS resin, PCT-G resin (grinder cabin), Ceramic (blade)
• Power source: 4 AAA alkaline batteries
• Power consumption: Approx. 6W
• Usage time: Approx. 30 minutes (based on new batteries, for reference only)

【Suitable Ingredients】
• Suitable for spices of 2-5mm size, such as black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, rock salt (crystal salt), pink rock salt (pink salt), Sichuan pepper, and Japanese pepper.
• Note: Some larger or harder spices may not be compatible.

【Unsuitable Ingredients】
• Unsuitable for pink pepper, sesame, nuts (like almonds, peanuts), and any materials containing moisture or oil.

【Important Usage Instructions】
• Use only AAA alkaline batteries and avoid using other types.
• Be cautious not to press the switch while adjusting the grinding level to prevent injury.
• Avoid using or storing near fire, heating appliances, direct sunlight, in hot cars, wet bathrooms, unstable places, and out of reach of children.
• Do not use it for extended periods over cooking pans or pots to prevent steam from entering the unit, which could degrade the ingredients or the device.


±0 is a Japanese brand of home appliances and sundries created in 2003. ±0 is read as "plus-minus zero". The meaning of the ±0 brand is like a symbol representing just right. People naturally try to find the right tools for their daily lives based on their daily experiences. It is also an activity in which one searches for one's own preferences. It is like swinging to the right, back to the left, and then back to the right again if the swing is too far back, It is like gradually narrowing the range of one's preferences. The sense of "just right" is where one's tastes are at their extremes.

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