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Water Oven HEALSIO 22L 1-Stage Cooking AX-UA30

Water Oven HEALSIO 22L 1-Stage Cooking AX-UA30

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SHARP Water Oven HEALSIO 22L 1-Stage Cooking AX-UA30

Cooking functions: grilling, deep frying, stir-frying, steaming, blanching, microwave heating, steam heating, pizza, cake, cookies.
Healthy cooking method "water grilling = oil-free grilling", using superheated water vapor, can directly heat frozen, refrigerated, and room temperature ingredients. Just put the ingredients in, the machine will automatically control the heat and cook automatically.
Equipped with AI artificial intelligence.

【Water Grilling】
By heating the steam to a temperature of 100°C or higher, a large amount of heat can be transferred to the food.
The heat is about 8 times that of a regular oven. HEALSIO water oven cooks through a unique mechanism.
Cooking with hot water vapor from start to finish without using a microwave to present the original flavor of the ingredients and prioritize health.

【Easy Grilling】
Just mix the ingredients you have at home and put them in a square baking dish.
Adjust the heat with the water oven, and all the ingredients will be perfectly grilled, making it easy to create delicious dishes.
* The total amount that can be heated at one time is up to 500-600g.

【Fashionable Design】
This is a fashionable design with a large black LCD screen with white letters.

【Easy Microwave! Single Dish】
Even if you arrange the quantity, ingredients, seasonings, etc., the water oven can distinguish and cook automatically. As long as the container can be heated in a microwave, it can be made of glass or plastic*.
* The heat resistance temperature of plastic products is 140°C or higher.

【Restore the Freshly Baked Deliciousness】
Due to the simultaneous addition of a large amount of superheated steam, the bread and side dishes you purchase can be restored to the deliciousness of freshly baked bread.

• Recommended menu
Recommend menus based on user needs every day, and also view popular menus and menus that everyone is cooking.
• Chef list
Organize the "Chef List" corresponding to the menu by ingredients, cooking themes, and types. You can send menus you like from the list to the host.
• Shopping memo
You can easily create a shopping memo based on the ingredients of the recipe.

Microwave oven functions
• Steam defrosting
Covering the food with a steam water film will moderately defrost the entire food.

• Heating frozen food
Microwave easily! With sensors equipped, even commercially available frozen foods such as frozen pasta can be heated intelligently without setting power and time to determine completion.

• Continuous heating without waiting for cooling.
Even if the temperature inside the oven is high, such as after heating in the oven, continuous cooking and microwave heating can be done.
* Excluding defrosting and fermentation

【Easy to use and maintain】
• Perfectly flat on the left, right, and back, with a compact installation size.
Because both sides and the back are very flat, it can be installed in limited spaces without worrying about the installation position.
• Aluminum foil can also be used
If aluminum foil is used, it can be easily cleaned even after cooking fish or fried chicken.
* Do not use square dishes, cooking nets, metal filters, or aluminum foil for "microwave heating". In addition, do not heat canned food, eggs, or steam cooking bags.
• Internal cleaning
The power of steam floats dirt inside the oven.
There are few protrusions such as heaters, so they can be quickly wiped off.
• Deodorizing cleaning coat
Apply a clean coat inside the oven to suppress unpleasant odors after cooking.

【Product specifications】
• Power supply: AC 100V 50-60Hz shared
• Microwave oven rated power consumption: 1430W
• High-frequency output: 1000W • 600W • 500W • 200W equivalent
• Oscillation frequency: 2450MHz
• Grilling rated power consumption: 1420W
• Oven rated power consumption: 1420W
• Temperature control range: Fermentation (35 • 40 • 45℃) • 100-250℃
• Dimensions: Width 470 × Depth 390 × Height 340 mm Depth 445 mm including handle
• Inner dimensions of the box: Width 375 × Depth 320 × Height 175 mm
• Weight: Approximately 17 kg
• Baking tray size: 384 × 300 mm
• Power cord length: Approximately 1.5m
• Microwave function annual power consumption: 55.5kWh/year
• Oven function annual power consumption: 14.9kWh/year
• Annual standby power consumption: 0.0kWh/year
• Annual power consumption: 70.4kWh


Since its founding in 1912, Sharp has adhered to the corporate culture of ""Sincerity and Creativity"", successfully developing Japan's first domestic radio and television, and launching the world's first electronic calculator and LCD monitor, etc. Since then, Sharp has continued to open up new fields, and is committed to enhancing people's lives and advancing social progress. Even after a century, Sharp has always stood on the side of consumers' needs, hoping to realize the uniqueness of each customer through the provision of unique products and services, and in 2017, with the new corporate slogan of Be Original, Sharp expects to be the first in the world to change people's lives, so that each user is free to create his or her own unique feelings.

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