Essential Guide to Buying Japanese Electronics


As the world gradually reopens its doors to international travelers, Japan has re-emerged as a popular destination known for its cutting-edge technology and high-quality electronics. Japan offers a paradise for those seeking the latest gadgets and home appliances, from the neon-lit streets of Akihabara in Tokyo to the tech hubs of Osaka.


This article covers:


  • How to shop tax-free in Japan?
  • Voltage differences to consider
  • Top shopping destinations
  • Must-buy electronics during your Japan trip

This guide aims to enhance your shopping experience on your next trip to Japan, ensuring you return not just with memories but with some of the best electronics in the world.



How to Shop Tax-Free in Japan?


Tax-free shopping mainly applies to non-residents of Japan with 'short-term stay', 'diplomatic', or 'official' visas.

Required Documents

  • Original purchase receipts and your passport.

※Starting January 25, 2024, a unified entry and customs declaration QR Code system will be in place. Register on Visit Japan Web, and present the QR Code at duty-free shops in Japan.

Tax-Free Shop


Look for the tax-free shop sign displayed in most eligible stores. If in doubt, ask the staff.

Tax Refund Methods

Pay the duty-free price at the store checkout or pay the full price and get a refund at a tax refund counter.

Refund Criteria

Single purchases must exceed 5,000 JPY before tax.

Airport Tax Refund

Not available for purchases made outside the airport. Refunds must be processed on the same day at the store.


Voltage Differences: Japan vs. International Standards


Japan uses a standard voltage of 100V, while it varies in other countries. It’s crucial to check if your electronics support multiple voltages or need a converter. Japanese outlets mostly use two-prong flat plugs, so consider compatibility with your country's socket types.


Top Shopping Destinations


Explore various electronic products from Tokyo's Akihabara, Osaka's Nipponbashi, to Nagoya's Osu. Major electronic stores like Yodobashi Camera, Yamada Deki, and BIC CAMERA offer a wide range of products. For online shopping, platforms like imy Shop Japan provide an alternative, offering high-quality Japanese electronics with comprehensive after-sales service and warranty support in multiple languages.


【imy Shop Japan】Latest kitchen appliance collections

Must-Buy Electronics in Japan

Portable Electronics, Kitchen Appliances, and Lifestyle Appliances are among the popular categories. These range from smartphones and tablets to advanced rice cookers, air purifiers, and vacuum cleaners, all known for their efficiency, multifunctionality, and innovative technology.



【imy Shop Japan】Home Appliance Collections

【imy Shop Japan】Kitchen Appliance Collections


Shopping for electronics in Japan is a unique and memorable experience for many international travelers. Whether in the bustling streets of Akihabara or through online shopping, Japan offers a special blend of the latest technology and a wide array of products. Prepare by understanding the specifications and warranty policies of your desired products to make informed choices, ensuring a safe and worry-free use back home.


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