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Rechargeable Oral Lavatory Washer, Jet Washer Doltz EW-DJ55-W

Rechargeable Oral Lavatory Washer, Jet Washer Doltz EW-DJ55-W

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This is a personal hygiene item which cannot be returned or exchanged once opened.

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Panasonic Rechargeable Oral Lavatory Washer, Jet Washer Doltz EW-DJ55-W

Product Features
- Utilizes "ultrasonic water flow" to deeply clean plaque and debris in periodontal pockets and interdental spaces that are hard to reach with a toothbrush
- Waterproof and cordless design suitable for use in the bath
- Panasonic's unique "ultrasonic water flow" technology uses the shockwave from bursting bubbles to remove surface stains on teeth
- The power of water flow cleans debris in interdental spaces and periodontal pockets
- 5 levels of water pressure adjustment with memory function to customize strength preference
- Lightweight and portable, weighing about 275g (475g when filled with water), designed for ease of grip, waterproof and cordless for bathroom use
- Easy to clean with a washable tank for hygiene
- Allows for about 1 minute of continuous use per refill, with rapid charging in 1 hour
- Includes a point-cleaning nozzle for targeted cleaning of stubborn debris
- Comes with 3 types of nozzles for different uses: ultrasonic water flow nozzle, point-cleaning nozzle, tongue-cleaning nozzle
- Features convenient functions such as water pressure level memory, charging reminder, and IPX7 waterproof design, suitable for both domestic and international use

Product Specifications
- Waterproof performance: IPX7
- Suitable for international use
- Tank capacity: approximately 200mL
- Usage time per refill (at water pressure level "5"):
- Ultrasonic water flow nozzle about 1 minute
- Point-cleaning nozzle about 55 seconds
- Tongue-cleaning nozzle about 40 seconds
- Power supply: Rechargeable
- Charging time: about 1 hour
- Rated voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
- Power consumption: about 10W (during charging)
- Usage time: about 10 minutes on a full charge of 1 hour
- Dimensions (H × W × D): 310 × 75 × 85mm (including tongue-cleaning nozzle)
- Weight: about 276g (including tongue-cleaning nozzle)
- Water pressure levels: 5 stages
- Compatible internationally
- Accessories: Ultrasonic water flow nozzle ×1, Point-cleaning nozzle ×1, Tongue-cleaning nozzle ×1


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