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Nice Cut G Electric Coffee Mill Black Remastered Edition KB-12

Nice Cut G Electric Coffee Mill Black Remastered Edition KB-12

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Kalita Nice Cut G Electric Coffee Mill Black Remastered Edition KB-12

The reissue version pays attention to the details, from the black stainless steel main material to the depth of the logo. It features a sophisticated and fashionable design that can be used in various situations to create a wonderful atmosphere for enjoying coffee.

【Product Features】
• Reissue of the discontinued color of Kalita
• All-black style with attention to detail (including the original powder cup)
• The reissue version also uses the classic red Kalita logo
• Comes with a black stainless steel powder cup with a black logo

【Detailed Introduction】
• Hopper capacity of 50g
Can easily be used by one person (10g) to enjoy delicious coffee without losing the freshness of freshly ground beans.

• Milling blade uses a cutting method.
Uses a sharp and durable cutting blade. The grinding blades attached to two discs move together to grind the coffee beans, reducing the production of unpleasant odors during grinding and ensuring a more even grind. This type of grinder is often used by professional baristas because it reduces the rotation of the grinder blades to suppress friction heat and does not damage the original flavor of the coffee.

• Adjustable from coarse to fine grind in 15 steps
Turn the dial according to your preference, from coarse to fine grind. Can be adjusted in 8 steps (+0.5 interval memory adjustment).

• Switch position moved to the front.
The switch has been moved to the front bottom for easier and more intuitive operation (previous models had the switch on the back of the main unit).

【Product Specifications】
• Dimensions: 120 × 229 × 337mm
• Weight: Approximately 2.3kg
• Country of origin: Japan
• Cord length: Approximately 1.8m
• Hopper/powder cup capacity: 50g
• Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
• Power consumption: 120W
• Rated time: 5 minutes
• Material: Stainless steel

• Do not remove any warning label stickers, as the paint on the main unit may peel off.
• Please note that if the paint peels off due to the removal of label stickers, we will not accept returns or exchanges. (Applies to all stickers on the product.)


Kalita Co., Ltd. is a coffee equipment general manufacturing and selling company. We offer the equipment both for business quality and family use.

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