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Power Nozzle Set for The Cleaner CT100

Power Nozzle Set for The Cleaner CT100

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BALMUDA Power Nozzle Set for The Cleaner CT100

-Extended hose: reduce the burden of the machine, expand the cleaning area.
-Micro nozzle: for cleaning small crevices, such as car interiors.
-Flat nozzle: for flat surfaces such as desktops.
-Brush nozzle: For brushing away stubborn dirt, such as on window sashes.
-Fabric nozzle: For cleaning duvets, curtains and sofas.
-Storage bag: It can also store the handy handle and crevice nozzle that comes with the main unit.
All parts can be cleaned with water.

Product Specifications
Extended hose: 56 (W) x 56 (H) x 971 mm (L (D))
Micro nozzle: 22 (W) x 37 (H) x 360 mm (L)
Flat Nozzle: 88 (W) x 72 (H) x 163 (D) mm
Brush Nozzle: 22 (W) x 37 (H) x 156 (D) mm
Fabric nozzle: 183 (W) x 92 (H) x 138 (D) mm
Specialty bag: W330 x H240 x D60 mm (W x H x D)

BALMUDA is a design and engineering company founded in Tokyo in 2003. BALMUDA creates home appliances and a variety of other tools that are indispensable to modern life.


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