Optional Premium Warranty Plan

imy-optional-warranty-service-plans1. Plan Details

Customers who purchase products with "Optional Premium Warranty Plan*" will enjoy the following services:

  • Under normal usage conditions, customers will have a 12-month guarantee for the product.
  • 7+3 Days Cooling-off Period: Counted from the day of receiving the product.
  • All products, except custom purchasing items, have a 7+3 days evaluation period. According to Article 2 of the Guidelines for Reasonable Exceptions to Communication Transaction Dissolution Rights, customizations made at the request of the consumer (i.e., custom purchasing on this website) do not apply to the 7+3 days cooling-off period.
  • Within the first 7 days from the date of receipt, customers can apply for a return/exchange during the evaluation period, and the shipping fee will be covered by us.
  • From the 8th to the 10th day from the date of receipt, if customers wish to apply for a return/exchange during the evaluation period, they will be responsible for the shipping fee.
  • Please note that the evaluation period is not a trial period, and once the product is opened and used, except for defects, returns/exchanges will not be accepted.
  • Free replacement for defects within 30 days of delivery: Within 30 days from the date of receipt, report any "non-manufactured initial defects" to enjoy a free replacement.
  • Please inspect your product at the time of receipt or within 30 days of product delivery. Keep the shipping label with uninterrupted recording throughout the entire process when opening the package. If you discover any non-manufactured initial defects, please contact us immediately.
  • Customer service and product consultation: Real person customer service specialists assist with product inquiries related to purchased items.
  • Electrical products enjoy a 12-month free original manufacturer's warranty under normal use (a very small number of products have a 6-month warranty; please refer to the product page for details).
  • Within 12 months from the date of receipt of the product, if customers wish to exercise their Optional Premium Warranty Plan rights, our company will assist in sending the product back to the original Japanese manufacturer for repair, and we will not charge a handling fee for sending it for repair. International round-trip shipping costs will be covered by our company.
  • Please note that if the original manufacturer determines that the non-natural malfunction or damage is caused by human factors or other factors, repair fees may be charged.
  • All products distributed by our company are the responsibility of the original supplier (manufacturer, distributor) for maintenance and warranty, and our company provides agency repair services. The warranty period, fault cause determination, repair schedule, and handling fees are all based on the regulations or existing procedures of the original supplier (manufacturer, distributor).
  • When sending the product for repair, please pack it securely with original packaging materials or secure packaging materials to ensure the safety of the shipment.
  • The original supplier (manufacturer, distributor) only provides repair services during the warranty period and has the full authority to determine whether the product is a natural malfunction or human damage, and the subsequent decision to repair or replace with an equivalent good or new product. If the original manufacturer determines that repair fees are required, consent will be sought from the consumer before sending it for repair, and it will be returned within a certain period.
  • Except for the provision of spare parts for use during the repair period by the original supplier, our company and the original supplier (manufacturer, distributor) do not assume any responsibility for inconvenience or loss caused by the inability to use the product during the repair period and do not provide substitute products.

*Note: Optional Premium Warranty Plan applies to one product. If you order multiple products and wish to add Optional Premium Warranty Plan to all of them, please purchase the corresponding quantity of Optional Premium Warranty Plan at checkout.


2. Warranty Exclusions


The following conditions are not covered by the warranty, and our company or the original supplier (manufacturer, distributor) may charge fees or refuse service:

  • Intentional Damage: This includes improper installation, deliberate misuse, abnormal physical wear and tear, physical damage from dropping, circuit burnout, deformation from pressure, damage to interfaces or pins, foreign object entry, moisture damage, tampering with or removal of warranty labels or seals, and any visible signs of intentional damage.
  • Violation of Approved Usage by the Original Supplier (Manufacturer, Distributor):This includes incorrect installation methods, use of non-original consumables, use of power specifications that do not conform, use in adverse environments, and any improper use of the product as determined by the original supplier (manufacturer, distributor).
  • Unauthorized Repairs: This includes any self-disassembly, repairs, modifications, or alterations conducted without written authorization from the original supplier (manufacturer, distributor).
  • Hardware Incompatibility: This covers non-functional issues resulting from factors such as conflicts in electrical characteristics, usage expectations, operating frequencies, speed, comfort, heat generation, and other non-functional factors.
  • Force Majeure and Man-made Disasters: This includes events such as lightning strikes, fires, earthquakes, and floods that are beyond our control.
  • Routine Maintenance Not Included: This excludes free routine maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, or replacement of consumable parts.

These exclusions mean that in cases where the warranty does not apply, the customer may be responsible for repair costs, and the company or original supplier (manufacturer, distributor) reserves the right to refuse warranty service.