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As a coffee enthusiast, having the aroma of coffee filling every corner of your home is definitely a great start to the day. In this article, we will introduce 5 home coffee machines that bring a unique cafe-level enjoyment to your daily routine. Whether you are a deep researcher of coffee machines or a beginner, these coffee machines will let you easily immerse yourself in perfect coffee moments.

Coffee machines can be classified into the following three types based on their extraction methods:

  1. Drip Coffee Machines: The daily choice of coffee enthusiasts. Drip coffee machines release rich aromas and deep flavors by slowly dripping hot water over coffee grounds. Available in "Fully Automatic," "With Grinder," and "Without Grinder" types. Fully automatic models automate the entire process from grinding to brewing, providing utmost convenience; models with grinders offer the fresh taste of ground coffee at a more affordable price; and models without grinders are easy to operate, allowing you to enjoy fresh coffee anytime.
  2. Espresso Machines: Bringing a rich experience to coffee lovers. Espresso machines use high pressure to quickly extract a small amount of coffee with a rich flavor and distinct layers. Known as "Espresso Machines," they are not limited to making espresso but can also easily make a variety of coffee drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, suitable for those who seek a diverse coffee experience.
  3. Capsule Coffee Machines: Easy press for coffee time. Capsule coffee machines use pre-packed coffee capsules to make coffee, simple operation, fast and convenient. These types of coffee machines, including well-known brands like Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, not only can make a variety of coffees but also allow you to taste milk tea, matcha lattes, and other diverse drinks, suitable for those who love tasting various beverages.


Product Recommendations

Next, let's take a look at a few star products selected by the imy team:

Melitta American Coffee Machine SKT55-3


A top German brand home coffee machine. Brews 2 to 5 cups at a time, with a constant extraction temperature of 90°C, ensuring the best flavor. With its unique thermal jug for excellent thermal insulation, it makes every day full of aromatic coffee, recommended for those who enjoy American coffee.

Melitta American Coffee Machine SKT55-3|Learn more


Zojirushi Drip Coffee Machine EC-XA30-BA


Simple design, professional quality. Extracts two 180ml cups of coffee at a time, using dual heating technology for a perfect extraction at 95°C, preserving the purest flavor of the coffee beans. With an all-in-one glass jug and filter design for easy operation. Equipped with a water purifier to ensure every cup has a pure taste, and a removable water tank for easy cleaning.

Zojirushi Drip Coffee Machine EC-XA30-BA|Learn more


DELONGHI Espresso Machine ECP3220J


This coffee machine combines fashion and function. A dual-structure, efficient milk frother for perfect froth, designed for cappuccino and latte lovers. With a 1.1L easy-to-clean water tank and convenient filter storage, plus support for coffee powder and 44mm coffee capsules, it offers an unparalleled coffee experience.

DELONGHI Espresso Machine ECP3220J|Learn more


BALMUDA The Brew Coffee Machine K06A


Revolutionize your coffee routine. Unique extraction technology delves into the bean's essence, releasing intense flavors and a clear aftertaste. Precision temperature control, 0.2ml precise drip, each drop is crafted with care. An open design offers a feast for both eyes and nose, experiencing the beauty of professional-grade coffee.

BALMUDA The Brew Coffee Machine K06A|Learn more



Whether you are seeking convenience and speed or unique flavors, our series of coffee machines can surely meet your needs. Let us lead you into the diverse world of coffee, enjoying the perfect taste of every cup.


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