5 Best Japanese Hair Dryers in 2023 | Features, Pros and Cons Comparison

The pace of innovation in hair dryers has accelerated in recent years, with major brands continuously developing new features to distinguish their products. This article will start with an introduction to functionalities, followed by revealing the 2023 ranking of popular Japanese hair dryers, starting with three trending features!

1. Ionic Technology:

Hair dryers equipped with ionic technology can reduce static and decrease frizz. For example, Sharp is known for its "Plasmacluster automatic sterilizing ionic technology" with positive and negative ions, while Panasonic stands out with its "nanoe for better moisture retention" technology. Different brands have slightly different manufacturing methods and features for their ionic hair dryers, allowing for personal preference.

2. Temperature Control Sensor:

Some high-end hair dryers feature automatic temperature control, which adjusts the temperature by sensing the distance between the hair and the dryer, eliminating the need to switch modes manually.

3. Scalp Mode:

Scalp mode is a feature designed to prevent damage to the hair and scalp from high temperatures. It blows air at around 60°C, considering the needs of both hair and scalp during drying.

After reviewing these thoughtful features, let's introduce the five most popular hair dryers of 2023, along with their functions and characteristics.

1. Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA0J

  • Exclusive high-penetration nanoe moisture technology
  • Mineral negative ions strengthen hair
  • Four hair and skin beautifying modes
  • New lightweight design
  • High airflow volume of 1.6 m³/min
  • Smart temperature control with an intelligent sensor
  • Suitable for damaged hair, oily, and dry scalp care
  • Quick-dry nozzle + styling nozzle + curl-defining diffuser + concentrator nozzle
  • Static electricity suppressing grip

2. Panasonic Nanoe Moisture Infusing Hair Dryer EH-NA0G

  • Exclusive high-penetration nanoe moisture technology
  • Mineral negative ions strengthen hair
  • 20% faster drying efficiency
  • Five hair and skin beautifying modes
  • Suitable for damaged hair, oily, and dry scalp care
  • Quick-dry nozzle + styling nozzle
  • Static electricity suppressing grip
  • Foldable body


  • Features the smallest and lightest powerful motor
  • High-speed, high-pressure airflow system
  • Sensor function protects the scalp and ends from heat damage
  • Equipped with an ion generator that combines ionic and far-infrared technology
  • Dedicated modes guide proper drying from scalp to ends
  • Moisturizing feature protects hair quality
  • Foldable body

4. KINUJO Silk Woman Far-Infrared Hair Dryer

  • 50% reduced drying time with high airflow
  • "Far-infrared" heats from within for quick drying, moisturizing hair, and protecting the scalp
  • Negative ions reduce static for smoother hair
  • Ultra-lightweight at 363g, foldable for easy storage
  • Three modes: GLOSS/SCULP/SWING - moisturize scalp, protect hair, enhance shine, and improve hair health
  • Foldable body

5. SHARP IB-WX3 Fairy Wand Hair Dryer

  • Dual air outlet design
  • GENTLE automatic temperature control design
  • 10% reduction in drying time
  • First-of-its-kind SENSING distance sensing temperature adjustment function
  • BEAUTY adjusts cold and hot air timing based on ambient temperature
  • Long-lasting 8-hour ion moisturizing function
  • Customizable blow-dry modes via APP (Japanese version)


The selection of hair dryers is diverse, focusing not only on quick drying but also on moisturizing, automatic temperature control, and other features in recent years, making it easier for everyone to achieve beautiful hair at home.

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