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It's well known that a good pillow can significantly enhance sleep quality, refreshing us upon waking. However, how does one choose the right pillow? In this article, the imy team compiles recommendations from Japanese sleep experts on selecting the perfect pillow for you, with a special focus on Japan's best-selling pillows towards the end.

The Five Key Points of Pillow Selection

  1. Shape: Different sleeping positions are suited to different shapes of pillows. For example, pillows designed for side sleepers often provide extra shoulder support, while back sleepers might prefer a pillow that's slightly indented in the middle to better support the head and neck.
  2. Material: The internal material of a pillow is key to its comfort and support. Memory foam offers steady neck support, suitable for those needing to keep their head in place; down is soft and light, ideal for those who enjoy a softer feel; latex pillows strike a balance between firmness and elasticity.
  3. Height: The height of a pillow is crucial for neck comfort. Pillows that are too high or too low can lead to neck strain. Smaller individuals may suit lower pillows, while larger people or those with a tendency to hunch may need higher pillows. Adjustable-height pillows are also available for personalized comfort.
  4. Firmness: Firmness affects the level of support a pillow provides. Some prefer firmer pillows for more stable support, while others like softer pillows for their ability to conform to the head and neck. Consider your comfort and support needs when choosing a pillow.
  5. Size: Pillow size should be chosen based on body size and sleeping habits. Generally, larger pillows are suitable for bigger individuals or those who move around a lot in their sleep, while smaller pillows are better for petite individuals or those who remain mostly stationary. Also, consider bed size and sleeping space when choosing pillow size, using roughly three times the width of your head as a guideline.

Product Recommendations

Next, let's take a look at five popular pillows from Japan and their distinctive features:


Choosing the right pillow is key to improving sleep quality. Keep in mind the five key points: shape, material, height, firmness, and size. We hope this article helps you find the perfect pillow for a more comfortable sleep. Start searching for your ideal pillow today!

Product Recommendations

Next, let's take a look at five popular pillows from Japan and their distinctive features:

Nishikawa Sleep Doctor Neck & Shoulder Fit Pillow

Top 5 Japanese Pillows-nishikawa

Designed to support the neck and shoulders, especially suitable for back sleepers. The pillow's center is slightly indented to help maintain the natural curve of the cervical spine, with higher sides to support the head and shoulders, preventing discomfort during side sleeping.

Tempur Classic Temperature Sensitivity Pillow

Top 5 Japanese Pillows-tempur

The classic temperature sensitivity pillow uses Tempur® patented material that molds to body temperature and shape, providing personalized support. Its contoured design is particularly beneficial for those needing neck and shoulder support, ensuring comfort whether you're on your back or side.

Airweave Airfiber Adjustable Pillow

Top 5 Japanese Pillows-airweave

Known for its unique airfiber technology, this pillow provides excellent breathability and support. Its adjustable height feature makes it adaptable to various sleeping positions, ideal for those with particular sleep quality requirements.

King's Dream Pillow II

Top 5 Japanese Pillows-osama

After 15 years of popularity in Japan and favorable reception in Taiwan, the second generation combines ultra-fine particles with polyester fibers for a lightweight yet bouncy feel. Its unique arc design suits all sleeping positions, providing excellent neck support whether you're on your back or side. Responding to fans, the second generation is available in two heights to accommodate individual sleep habits. It also includes a Tencel pillowcase for a smooth touch, moisture absorption, and added comfort.

CAINZ Moffle Elastic Pillow

Top 5 Japanese Pillows-Moffle

This pillow, which doesn't look like a traditional pillow, uses TPE material for a new soft yet elastic sensation. It is highly durable and remains cool during hot summers, making it perfect for those who prefer a cool sleeping environment.


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